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Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm bad at this.

So, I'm no good at this blogging thing. One blog since I started this in May? Pathetic Erynn! I guess life gets busy though right?

Anyway....Lets see if I can give a short summery of the last few months.

I turned 21 May 12th and was pregnant for it so I didn't do anything. Went camping in June with my boyfriends family. The camping trip was alright, the weather was shitty though so we were all cold and damp the whole trip then it poured on sunday so I made Chris skip out on fishing and stuff and we packed up and split early. July 7th I gave birth to our second child. A big boy weighing 9 pounds 13 ounces, and 22 inches long. His name is Khai Alexander. :) My mom came down from Alaska the week after he was born and stayed till the 4th. My daughter turned 2 July 23rd. It was the biggest birthday party I've ever seen. There were 35+ people. It was huge. The 30th through the first was another camping trip. This time at the coast. We took a wine tasting trip stopping at a bunch of vineyards from my house to Lincoln City. It ended at Devils Lake camp ground. Spent the weekend wake boarding and drinking and of course took a trip to the casino on sunday before we headed home and I won 100 bucks off of 5 dollars in a 5 cent slot machine. Beginners luck I say....My little sister in Alaska was put in the hospital, she's still there. They think that her lungs aren't strong enough to breath out the CO2 on their own so technically her body is poisoning itself and it's making her really sick. On top of that she got a flu bug and her body quit in-taking nutrients...It hasn't been good for her. From what I hear she's doing a little better though so we'll see how things go. It was almost to the point of life support for a while there. I'm glad she made a turn around.
And now here I am. Writing this blog to update my one reader on whats been going on in life. At the moment my good friend Tyler Hartman (a musician from North Dakota) is on a roadtrip going through 7 states in 8 days. and it's ending here in Salem at a hotel right around the corner from me. He'll be here Tuesday night and heading out on Thursday. Wednesday is Open Mic Night at my favorite coffee shop in town and I'm totally signing us up! I'm very nervous about this because I have major stage fright. But we'll see how it goes!
Well that's my current life for ya! Have a good one.

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  1. I disagree with one thing: you are good at the blogging thing. True, you're not very good at updating (like me), but when you do update you're very good.

    I'll be there Wednesday, for sure.