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Friday, May 21, 2010


Well, this blog was inspired by a friend of a friend whom I like to call Comcast Steve and also by a youtube video I happened to come across while using the ever so popular StumbleUpon toolbar that has captured and crazed internet users everywhere. Before jumping full fledged into this blog I'd like to point out that the video mentioned is about becoming vegan, but that is not at all what it has led me to decide... SO!! Here we go!

After watching(and making my boyfriend watch) the youtube video known as "Meet Your Meat" I've become REALLY keen on the idea of not eating meat sold by big corporate industries. I'm not sure how difficult this will be living in a city, but I'm determined to at least make an attempt. The way animals are treated and the lengths that the industry will go just to save a buck is horrifying. I've got my doubts on just how healthy the meat we intake on a daily basis is, what with the FDA allowing animals to be housed in the same vicinity as other animals dead and rotting from malnutrition and steroid/hormone overdoses. Along with letting cancerous lesions, and infected wounds going untreated...this is the meat we are putting into our bodies? I'm just not okay with that.

By all means I am an omnivore. I sure love my veggies but I also absolutely love a good, large steak any day of the week and I don't plan on that permanently changing any time soon. I don't believe that killing an animal for my own nutrition is wrong by any means. It's a circle of life and EVERY species participates in it. BUT I do how ever care deeply about the quality of life of any creature. So while I was grocery shopping yesterday evening, meat was left off of my list. And hopefully will continue to be left off until I can find locally raised, butchered, and packaged meat. If anyone has any information on this please let me know.

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  1. Welcome to America, baby! There are many things I love about this country, this however, is not one of them. We've given up our family farms and allowed corporations to take over, and that video is the disgusting result. I'm pretty sure that was Alec Baldwin narrating, go figure, lol. He's the shining star of that family.


    Pretty sure you can purchase their meat at the Salem Saturday Market, and other locally raised meat too.