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Sunday, October 24, 2010

It Was Over Before It Ended.

Couldn't you tell from my distant demeanor
That our story ended long before the curtain finally burned?
That my smiles and laughs were all just a mockery of the last three years?
For five months strong I was a fake
A prop
Just some bitch in a theatrical play
God damn I shoulda been an actress.

And you,
Walking in to YOUR domain at the end of the day
Where you find two beautiful children
And a wonderful woman,
Who had turned herself inside out
Become the exact opposite of everything she wanted to be
Because its what you expected
You'd walk right past, to that beautiful 42 incher
with all those graphics, and all those people all over the world behind the screen
You played a priest baby, in that W.O.W. factor game and out of it.
All high and mighty.
King of the land....

We went ignored, day, after day, after day.

Three years I told you over and over
That I needed more than an empty shell with a work agenda
And three years that's all I got.
Sorry I couldn't become a shell with you.

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